Sunday, June 03, 2007

Indigo Child & Crystal Child Original Angel Paintings "Special"

"Personalized" Indigo Child & Crystal Child Original Angel Painting "Special"

16 x 20 Canvas & 18 x 24 Canvas

created specifically for Your Indigo or Crystal Child ...

The Indigo Child & Crystal Child ...

Art for a New Age ... for the children of the New Earth ...

Personalized Art for their Soul ...

In which way will this Angel painting be different to just having ordered a Guardian Angel painting for the Indigo Child or Crystal Child?

To answer your question:

From what the Angels have instructed me about the Indigo Child and the Crystal Child is ... they have been assigned an additional Angel to help them. This is in addition to their Guardian Angel. The two Angels work together overlighting these children.

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Angels by Sharae

Angel Images & Text © Sharae Taylor