Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Angel Gift Suggestions - Angels for the Whole Family !

~ Angels for the Whole Family ~

Whether or not this is your first visit or one of many ... Please take the time to see all of the new changes and the new Angel Galleries and new Angel Paintings now being offered.

New ! New ! New ! is the Sports Angel for Your Team ... Your Player ... Your Sport !

Also New ! New ! New ! is the Angel gift for the Professional ... That hard to buy gift ...

Angels for the Professional ... Doctor, Lawyer, Stock Broker, Financial Advisor, Talk Show Host, News Anchor, Reporter, Journalist, Nurse, Dentist, Coach, Athletic Trainer, the list is endless and all professions have an Angel watching over it ... All Professions and Professionals can be gifted with an Original Angel painting created just for them ... Even the Business Professional that has everything ... this is Unique ... Personalized Gift just in time for the Holidays and for that difficult to buy for Christmas List

Also new is "Ask Your Angel a Question", Angel Articles and Angel information blogs There are many new Angel gift ideas - read the "Angel of Comfort" story... Grieving & Loss or Sympathy gift.

Relationship Angels make a special gift for all those special relationships in your life ... Angels & Virtue ~ 12 Divine Virtues Angel Paintings ... Archangels ... Family Angel Portraits ... Indigo Child Angels ... Crystal Child Angels

A Year round Christmas Gallery as it is never too soon for me to be taking Christmas Gift orders ...

A gift should be a "Memory Maker" ... Elegant and Lasting. There are so many "Specials" being offered right now to help with your "Christmas List" ... what a special way to say you care ...

In these times we live in ... an Angel for each and every family or individual would be greatly appreciated ... to hang in someone's home or space as a continual reminder that we are not alone. We are continuously loved and looked after by a Higher Divine Power.

Whether you order one for yourself or a gift take the time to think about the continual comfort an Angel can bring into the life or lives of many, including yourself. Each Angel Painting is completely individualized for who it is intended and a beautiful message specifically for the individual or family from the Angel is included. Shipping for the USA and International is included in my prices to keep it a simple ordering process.

I hope you will take the time to explore my site and see whose life you might think of that would benefit from their own personal Angel painting created just for them ... sometimes we are the channel to bring Joy, Hope, Healing and Love into someone's life ...

Many Blessings,
Angels by Sharae
Children call Sharae " The Angel Lady "
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