Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How the Painting & Messages Are Created for My Crystal Child Angel Paintings

~ About The Artist Sharae Taylor ~

As a child I have always been able to communicate with the Angels. They have always been a part of my life, but it was until later in life, I discovered that I was being instructed by the Angels on how to paint them, so that I may deliver more of their message to the world...person by person "individually". The Angels have never let me down with these paintings or their powerful messages. The Angels long to show themselves to you and have much to say to your heart and soul. It never ceases to amaze me, the depth of energy that "The Creator" purveys, and the amount of healing energy each Angel painting projects. These paintings and messages are precious and priceless, given they are a creation of your Guardian Angel, by your Guardian Angel. I have witnessed individuals responding to their Angel paintings with their soul, and other who have shared with me their near-death experiences and tell me that "this is who they saw" when they thought they were dead or dying. Others claim to have seen this Angel in a dream or from somewhere they can't place, or a time of great danger or fear, while others burst into tears of joy and instant recognition. One of my most recent paintings was done for a woman to give as a Mother's Day Gift. When she got the painting she naturally took it out and hung it on her wall to look at until it was to be given on Mother's Day. She looked at it and suddenly saw her Grandmother smiling "as if to say Happy Mother's Day to you too, with a wink!" Several names and nicknames known to this family have surfaced in the Angel painting...of ones long lost and missed! One never knows what one's Angel has to show or say! ~ A Message From Sharae ~

All of my Guardian Angel paintings are unique and one of a kind. Upon completion of each of my paintings, I know that it is indeed meant for the person whom the Angel painting is requested, and their heart and soul will instantly know and respond to their Guardian Angel before them in the painting! To the one the painting is being done for...an intimate letter from their Guardian Angel, word for word, is sealed and provided with the painting. My Angel art is a gift, given to and through my talent by Divine Angels' guidance, who oversee and instruct every detail of paint color and every brushstroke within each painting. The process always begins with a prayer. I get very quiet and talk directly to God and ask to be a clear and open channel for His Highest Truth to work through me and the Angel of the individual or individuals I am asking for. I ask for His will to be instilled in, fill and surround the painting with what is needed for the awakening of their spirit and soul and this be for the highest good for all concerned and whomever comes into contact with this painting. I then "know" when the connection is made and we proceed. The moment someone places a commission to have their Angel painted, or places one for someone as a gift, their Angel knows! From this moment forward the Angel makes preparations and is ready to reveal itself and all that it has to share with you. If you truly seek your Guardian Angel and want to know your Angel, this it the time to reach out to your Angel with all of your heart and soul. Ask and seek guidance! You will be surprised at how much guidance you will receive before you even receive your Angel painting and letter! ~ How the Painting and Message is Created ~

After prayer and meditation I call upon the Angel of the name given, I then proceed. The voice is like whispers of the wind gently blowing through soft wind chimes, yet very clear. I can feel the Angel surround me with electrifying light and energy that covers my whole body. The whole canvas is surrounded and illuminated with glowing white light. At this point I do not see the Angel, but hear and feel the Angel in and around me. The Angel then tells me what colors will be used and I then paint the background as energy begins to flow down my arm to my paintbrush as I paint with acrylics. As I finish the final few strokes of the background, the Angel suddenly appears in the painting as an abstract image or impression coming through the painted background. I then begin to paint the Angel...with each and every brushstroke guided by the Angel only allowing their vibration and that of God to come through the portrait. I am guided on how to do each area and when something has been done to the Angel's satisfaction I am told..yes! Exactly! Leave it just like that! You will notice in my paintings the Angels have no faces. I believe "Only God can create their faces...look closely into the painted brushstrokes and background, and you will see the Angel's face. When it is finished I am told and then sign my name feeling blessed each and every time. I then start writing , word for word, all that the Angel wishes to share with the one it loves, protects, guides and nurtures every day of their life. Each message is mystifying and personal...but above all touching. I have not met a person yet, who truly sought to know their Angel, not walk away amazed and touched.

One of the questions I get asked all the time is what is the name of my Angel? I do not know the names of the Angels I paint for you unless it is an Archangel, then I am given the name. This is part of the process that you are responsible for. As you connect more with the paintings and the Angels you are to ask the Angel themselves for the name. Part of the conscious bonding and becoming closer to your Angel is in getting to know them as you would a new friend. If you ask, they will introduce themselves to you. ~ Sharae ~

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Thank you for your interest in my Angel Paintings
~ Sharae ~
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