Sunday, February 12, 2006

Guardian Angel Painting on Public Display in Los Angeles

Susan Hart's Guardian Angel

Original Guardian Angel Painting by Sharae

18 x 24 Canvas Acrylic

Susan Hart's Private Collection

Original Painting will be on display with Susan at "Angel Heart Connection" Booth 533 LAX Hilton Feb 10, 11 & 12

The Conscious Life Expo 2006 Los Angeles, CA

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Angel Artist, Sharae Taylor has been creating Angelic art with a passion for many years. Angel paintings filled with guidance, comfort, faith and a deep knowingness of the Divine and she is in constant communication with the Angels.

Sharae Taylor is an intuitive Angel artist with a definite purpose and on a spiritual journey “I Shall Paint Angels”. This journey has led her to have her Angelic artwork in worldwide art collections and being featured in Ezines, CD’s DVD’s, Sleeve inserts and published magazines. Sharae’s painting “Angel of Comfort” is featured in the “Angels On Earth” Jan/Feb 2006 issue – a Guidepost publication in the “Earning Their Wings” section. Her work encompasses an Angel art gallery, Angels of Children, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Angel Gifts, Web Design, Angel articles, Angel Blogs, Family Angel portraits, Indigo Child and Crystal Child Angel paintings. Sharae is now offering “Angel of Comfort” personalized paintings specifically for grief & loss. The categories of Angels continue to grow as she is instructed by the Angels.

Sharae specializes in creating personalized Angel paintings for the individual, their family and friends. Each Angel painting comes with a personalized message from the Angel for the person for whom the painting is created. Each painting is quite unique as the colors, the Angel image and each brushstroke are all instructed by the Angel itself. The Angel paintings are considered a living work of art as they are ever changing and exude a continual energy of love and healing for the individual.

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Susan Hart is an angel channel, Reiki Master, healer and visionary. With an open heart, she has the clear and candid capacity to receive and communicate guidance from your angels to you. These messages are Loving, practical and Inspiring. From this Presence, Susan empowers you with the Certainty and tools, to make the Angel-Heart connection. As she often affirms, "through the healing of your heart, all things are possible." Susan's passion is to inspire you, and many others, to connect with your life's purpose and live your dreams.

In 2005, Susan was honored as a Spiritual Healer, in the LA CONFIDENTIAL article: "GOOD MEDICINE: The Who's Who Of LA'S Doctors"

Los Angeles based ~ Susan Hart is a celebrity favorite and has a strong worldwide clientele

Susan's love for healing and spirituality has inspired her to study and become certified in several additional healing modalities: Hypnotherapy, Past-Life Regression, Reiki, Polarity, Massage Therapy, and Cranial Sacral Unwinding.

For more information please contact:
Susan Hart 310.288-0890 USA

Phone Sessions Available

Susan will be a Lecturer and Exhibitor at:
The Conscious Life Expo 2006
February 10 - 13, 2006
Susan will be available for Angel readings at her
booth # 533
Angel Heart Connection
Connect & Comunicate with your Angels Booth 533 - Feb 10 - 13 2006
Friday 3 pm - 9 pm Saturday 10 am - 9 pm Sunday 10 am - 8 pm
LAX Hilton
5711 West Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Lecture: Angel-Heart Illuminations: Connecting With Your Angels Sunday, 12 Noon - 12:45 February 12, 2006 For More Information:
If You are in the Los Angeles area stop by and tell her Sharae sent you ...
Susan is well worth contacting in person or by telephone ...
soon her website will be available and you will find a link here for it.
Some of the additional speakers that will be at the expo are
Michael Bernard Beckwith D.D., James Redfield, George Noory, Richard Hoagland, Dannion Brinkley, Terry Cole- Whittaker, Sean David Morton, Spiritual Film Festival, Steven Sadleir, Nick Begich, Dick Sutphen, Howard Lyman, Freddie Nelson & Madeleine Rahm, Medea Benjamin & Jodie Evans, Michael Langevin, Laura Lee, Adrian Finkelstein, Dr. William Eidelman, Dr. Hyla Cass, Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa, Stephen Lewis, Bettye Binder, Paul & Lillie Weisbart, Gail Minogue, Andrew Beath, Dr. Robin Falkov, Emy, Margaret Ruby, Robert Fletcher, Steven Halpren
Information furnished by Sharae Taylor and Susan Hart
Images © Susan Hart & © Sharae Taylor