Monday, September 05, 2005

"The Angel Lady"

Children are mesmerized by the Angel paintings created by Sharae Taylor and always refer to her as "The Angel Lady".
Having a close affinity with children, Sharae has been the connection children have needed as a verification for their being able to "see" Angels. Sharae, has worked personally guiding children through basic meditation to a calming and exciting meeting with their personal Guardian Angels.
"The results have been amazing as children no longer are afraid of the everyday ups and downs of life that children confront on a daily basis. To listen to the children express exactly what they see and what they hear from their Angels is Glorious ... there just isn't a word to describe the feeling that comes from them and the look on their beautiful faces as each one of them ... and I mean each one of them connects with their Angel. I have never had a child not connect with their Angel ... all they need is our acceptance of what they see and what they experience and the floodgates open when they feel safe to share with us their true relationship with the Angels"... states Sharae.
Sharae is in the process of creating a children's book on Angels.
Angel Artist, Sharae Taylor ... has been creating Angelic art with a passion for many years. Angel paintings filled with guidance, comfort, faith and a deep knowingness of the Divine and she is in constant communication with the Angels.
Angel Painting and more Angel Paintings... Commissioned Angel Paintings ...Sharae Taylor is an Intuitive Angel Artist with a definite purpose & on a spiritual journey "I Shall Paint Angels"...Art your soul responds to. This spiritual journey has led to many new things .. an Angel Art Gallery. Angels of Children, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Angel Gifts, Web design & magazine articles. Angel readings, articles about Angels. Author writing about Angels. Family portraits. Fine art, children's portraiture, whimsical children's art. Writing & illustrating her own children & Angel books for future publication. ' Divine Intervention ' oracle card and book set written by Barbara Rose & Illustrated by Sharae Taylor. Her purpose is to deliver artwork that has a ' message '. An incredible collection of Angels in art. Artist blog with new releases. Divine Energy paintings. Angel images. New ! Indigo & Crystal Children Angel paintings for child development ... Art for Indigo Child , Crystal Child and their Parents. Indigo Teen and Indigo Adult. Angel Articles & Angel Blogs. Christmas in July Specials ! Angel art gallery. Sharae is now offering Angel of Comfort Angel paintings specifically for grief & loss. ‘Angels & Virtue’ is another Angel painting now being offered.
Sharae's Angels were currently featured in the February issue of the online magazine, Planet ( sister sites to ( & The Children of the New Earth ( and is featured in the newly released "Angels" DVD in the United Kingdom, produced by Llewellyn ( for New World Music ( Llewellyn & Juliana will be officially launching their new 'Crystal Child' album at the Bedford, England ... Children of the New World Conference ... 18th September 2005 with Sandra Sedgbeer - Editor of international magazine, Children of the New Earth. Children of the New World - South of England Tour - is supporting the Earth Angel Charity set up by Llewellyn and Juliana and aims to help the indigo and crystal children of the world. "Angels by Sharae" is listed as one of the resources for the Indigo & Crystal Child in the valuable 16 page CD 'Crystal Child' sleeve insert.
For decades Sharae has channeled Divine energy through her Angel paintings and personalized messages. Due to multiple requests Sharae is now using her psychic & intuitive abilities in an even more personal way for her clients. She is now asking for clients and receiving personalized answers from her client's Angels pertaining to their direct questions they would like guidance on. The information Sharae receives about your questions is called " Ask Your Angel a Question" further information can be found on her website.
You just never know where the Angels are going to lead Sharae next ... so visit often to see where the journey leads ...
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