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Healing for the Indigo and Crystal Child

Healing Art for the Indigo and Crystal Child

I have had a strong affinity to the Indigo Children for quite some time. I personally, have a grandson that fits all the criteria for the Indigo child. He is gifted, talented and possesses a warrior Spirit. As I began to understand more about the true purpose in the Indigo child being here on Earth, I realized how very crucial it is for us to support the Indigo child. A light to keep burning, their specialness needs to be recognized and accepted, their spirits calmed, balanced and restored and exalted...for they are our future. They are the wayshowers and the wayclearers for the Crystal child that is now coming in behind them...the gentle spirits. The Crystal child is also sensitive and easily recognized by their happy spirit and the all knowing large eyes characteristic of these little ones. These Crystal children also need their spirits calmed, balanced and restored on a daily basis. Music and Art is a must in their environment. Gentle beauty and peacefulness is like fertilizer to the garden for these two special types of children.

As always, I am delegated by my inner knowingness and my connection to the Angels that now is the time for their help to manifest in the physical reality for these children through my Angel paintings. I have been instructed these children have an additional Angel assigned to them at birth in addition to the Guardian Angel we all have. This Angel watches over them and assures their spirit of the importance of their life's mission at this particular time in our planet's evolution. This physical likeness of their Angel helps to stabilize their personalities and is recommended the Angel painting be hung in the room where they sleep and recharge from the day's stress of everyday living. These paintings all have a specific purpose and are completely individualized for each Indigo child, Crystal child and Indigo teen and Indigo Adult. It is my honor to be able to assist these children through the gifts that God has given to me and once again the artist is on a Divine Mission with a passion that comes straight from the heart knowing this is what I am here to do.The passion for this new work is being fed from the spring in my heart that surfaces and manifests and moves out like the ripples on a pond.

It is a new day and new art for a new age.

~ Sharae~

" These are fine art original paintings personalized specifically for the individual ~ attuned to their needs " ~ A Personal Message from the Angel will come with the painting ~

" To Calm, Balance and Restore Their Energies " ~ much like a Guardian Angel ... these Angels' specific assignment is to work with these ' special children ' who's purpose is humanitarian ... each one is assigned their 'personal Angel ' ~ "Here is a list of all that I have made available on my site for the Indigo Child and Crystal Child ... there will also be more listed on my site for the Crystal Child ... I hope you will take the time to learn about our new generations of children as this is a new day and a new way is called for in how we nuture these special children " ... Sharae Indigo Child & Angels Entrance

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